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Black Women

Off Screen.



What is BWOS?

Black Women Off Screen was created due to the lack of recognition women in the creative industries typically receive; women who are innovators in their roles, acting as great influences behind the scenes shaping what is presented on screen. An annual awards ceremony will be organised to highlight these women. BWOS aims to bring together a community of like-minded women to provide opportunities to connect and inspire one another. We're not your average ‘woman empowerment’ platform. We're edgy, bold and don't follow any rules.

14 Questions with Amma Asante



"The women who are extremely pivotal in developing ideas are often the ones who are invisible. Today isn’t an exception. Black Women Off Screen is always committed to shining a light on these women, making their achievements visible and their experiences centre. As a producer myself working within the corporate space, I have experienced some of the several hurdles and hardships unique to black women and I remain excited and passionate to welcome more women into the creative space where they can be celebrated" - Eni Awoyemi, Creator of BWOS.



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